Immersive journeys

Our offer

Studio Artefact has been making its mark on the North American event industry for several years now. There’s nothing ordinary about our themed experiences, and we strongly believe that quality lies in the details of our creations. Present an immersive journey that immerses your visitors in a new, intriguing and breathtaking universe!

Features of our offer

To integrate interactive, decorative or technological elements into your immersive journey, we have all the tools and knowledge needed to co-create and execute spectacular projects. Whatever the mandate, we know that the key to a successful immersive experience lies in the attention to detail, in which our teams are the experts. From the design to the installation, our high production capacity and wide range of expertise enable us to build innovative stagings that leave no one indifferent.

The Studio Artefact advantage

  • Our products meet a wide range of certifications (CSA, UL, ASTM E84 fireproofing).
  • All our outdoor lighting products are guaranteed to withstand harsh winters and scorching heat. 
  • Our designs are approved by specialized engineers (structural, electrical, etc.).
  • Our decors have a lifespan unmatched on the market. 
  • One of the biggest large-scale artistic 3D printing workshops in North America

Our added value

  1. 01 We offer fast, efficient customer service for the entire lifecycle of the decor, ensuring a worry-free experience.
  2. 02 We advocate a personalized approach based on teamwork and careful listening, because after all, our customers' success is the key to ours.
  3. 03 Our expertise in design and fabrication enables us to take your projects further than you ever imagined.


Magical Wonderland

  • Commercial properties
  • Immersive journeys

A unique immersive Christmas experience imagined, designed and built by Studio Artefact.

The Enchanted Winterland Quest

  • Commercial properties
  • Immersive journeys

A magical, interactive experience in the heart of the boreal forest.

The Queen’s Ball : A Bridgerton Experience

  • Events & Brand Activations
  • Immersive journeys

A flamboyant immersive experience that transports visitors into the colorful world of Bridgerton for an evening.

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