Technical drawing

Our department

The creative input of our technical department over the years has made it possible for us to take on ever more complex projects and push back the boundaries of our universe of possibilities. Our innovative planning process, led by our team of engineers and designers, is the key to achieving exceptional projects.


Santa’s Elevator Express – Natick Mall

  • Commercial properties
  • Immersive journeys

We imagined, designed and built an innovative experience to meet Santa Claus, using a magical elevator to transport visitors to the North Pole.

WildWoods : AGLOW

  • Immersive journeys
  • Museums & Exhibitions

In collaboration with Thinkwell Group, we worked on a multi-sensory, immersive illuminated forest project for the Ferbank Museum.

The Ice Palace

  • Commercial properties

An eye-catching winter castle with thousands of programmable LED lights for a colourful show.

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