Creative design

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Our creative department is the cornerstone of our philosophy. This is where ideas are born, where a simple spark can create a firestorm of creativity, where our imagination becomes reality. Our graphic designers, 3D modelers and creative editors are experts in producing innovative designs that will transform your project into something unique.


Enchantment : The Magic of Fall

  • Commercial properties
  • Museums & Exhibitions

The enchanted forest is infused with magic as larger-than-life installations, meticulously crafted by our artists, light up the eyes of visitors.

Village québécois

  • Immersive journeys
  • Museums & Exhibitions

Almost all our departments were involved in the production of these 6 customized lampposts marking the arrival of new characters in the history of the Village Québécois d'Antan.

The Queen’s Ball : A Bridgerton Experience

  • Events & Brand Activations
  • Immersive journeys

A flamboyant immersive experience that transports visitors into the colorful world of Bridgerton for an evening.

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