Events & Brand Activations

Our offer - Events

Studio Artefact excels in creating truly unique thematic and immersive experiences. Launches, conventions, gatherings… There’s no better reason to call on our proven skills for your event planning. Create a space to enhance the ambiance with customized themed decors and structures.


Our offer - Brand Activations

Brand activations are crucial to building a strong and lasting brand identity. It’s a unique opportunity to connect with your target audience and reinforce your brand image through memorable, engaging experiences. Whether it’s a pop-up, a trade show, a market or a convention, our teams are equipped to create excitement around your brand name with customized decors. These personalized creations are tailored to your needs, while prioritizing the customer experience and adding value for your visitors.

In the age of social media, engaging your customers is crucial to maintain brand awareness. Offer them unique photo opportunities to elevate your business and increase your social exposure!

The Studio Artefact advantage

  • Our products meet a wide range of certifications (CSA, UL, ASTM E84 fireproofing).
  • All our outdoor lighting products are guaranteed to withstand harsh winters and scorching heat. 
  • Our designs are approved by specialized engineers (structural, electrical, etc.).
  • Our decors have a lifespan unmatched on the market. 
  • One of the biggest large-scale artistic 3D printing workshops in North America

Our added value

  1. 01 We offer fast, efficient customer service for the entire lifecycle of the decor, ensuring a worry-free experience.
  2. 02 We advocate a personalized approach based on teamwork and careful listening, because after all, our customers' success is the key to ours.
  3. 03 Our expertise in design and fabrication enables us to take your projects further than you ever imagined.


Burning Man

  • Events & Brand Activations
  • Museums & Exhibitions

Collaborative project with Cirque du Soleil involving the design and fabrication of an interactive work exhibited as part of the Burning Man annual event and art movement.

Just for Laughs Festival

  • Events & Brand Activations

As part of the Just for Laughs festival, we had the chance to collaborate on a variety of artistic installations.

Golf in Cup

  • Events & Brand Activations

We built and installated custom 3D giant lettering signs for the East Coast Pro Tour golf tournament.

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