Powder coating

Our department

Whether for industrial or artistic needs, our painters have versatile installations at their disposal to deliver an unmatched quality level. Our large-format oven and broad color palette enable us to tackle a wide range of projects.

The powder coating process

This technique for coloring metal involves spraying powder paint. The powder adheres to the metal via the electrostatic charging of the equipment supporting the parts under creation. Once the paint has been applied, the piece is transported to a large-format oven, where the powder transforms under the heat to reveal a lustrous, vibrant result.

Innovative techniques

At Studio Artefact, we’re always striving to perfect our art in order to innovate, and the powder coating department is no exception. After a great deal of thought and testing, our experts have mastered the art of color gradation on metal, a new and little-used approach on the market!


Sex, desires and data

  • Museums & Exhibitions

Our lighting design and technology department, supported by the entire creative force of our studio, brings to life captivating interactive installations for the immersive "Sex, Desires and Data" exhibition.

Scale AI

  • Events & Brand Activations

As part of Canada's largest event dedicated to artificial intelligence, we've integrated attractive, colorful networking and coworking spaces for visitors to enjoy.

Just for Laughs Festival

  • Events & Brand Activations

As part of the Just for Laughs festival, we had the chance to collaborate on a variety of artistic installations.

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