3D Printing

Our department

Adopting 3D printing not only as a development and prototyping tool, but also as a real means of production is one of the ways we’re changing the rules of the game. Our large-scale 3D printers and the expertise we’ve developed over the years make this department unique.

What sets us apart from the rest of the industry is the VERY large format aspect of our printers, as well as our incomparable production capacity. We are proud to have recently acquired the very first 3D printer in Canada capable of producing 20M cube prints. This revolutionary addition to our workshop marks a major step forward in our commitment to pushing back the boundaries of creativity.

In addition to this new machine, our department has 6 large-scale printers capable of printing up to 1M cube. They operate using the additive printing technique, which involves heating a plastic filament which is then deposited in successive layers to create a volume.


  1. 01 3D printing is a sustainable option (heat-resistant material, flexible, lightweight, water-repellent...).
  2. 02 We offer transparency and light integration, through the use of transparent PETG filaments, for impressive results. (Using transparent 3D printing allows us to do things we couldn't do otherwise).
  3. 03 Push back the boundaries of what's possible with the 3D printing formats enabled by our large and very large format machines.
  4. 04 We work with recycled and recyclable materials to ensure eco-responsible production.

Materials and their characteristics

3D printing is both a technical production tool and a creative vector. It is an excellent alternative to traditional methods, while enabling the creation of complex shapes at a very reasonable cost. A number of features make 3D printing our go-to production method.

Environmentally friendly

3D printing is an eco-responsible production process, since it uses only the material required for printing, resulting in almost no waste. Scrap materials accumulated by Studio Artefact’s 3D printing department are distributed to educational establishments, such as the Cégep du Vieux Montréal, to carry out student projects and further their learning around this impressive technology. Most of the materials used for 3D printing are recyclable, and in some cases even biodegradable.


Santa’s Magic

  • Commercial properties

The holiday decor at Complexe Desjardins in Montreal is unique in many ways. First and foremost, it's the world's largest 3D-printed Christmas tree!

Burning Man

  • Events & Brand Activations
  • Museums & Exhibitions

Collaborative project with Cirque du Soleil involving the design and fabrication of an interactive work exhibited as part of the Burning Man annual event and art movement.

Giant Puppet – ECHO

  • Shows - Scenography

Collaborative project to design and build a 24' tall puppet for Cirque du Soleil.

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