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Our offer

Give your guests a new experience and positively impact their visit on your property. As a major pillar in the North American market for the production of extravagant decors, we have been specialized for many decades in the making of magical themed experiences innovating the customer experience for shopping malls.

The features of our offer

Whether you want to elevate the festive atmosphere, offer an immersive experience, integrate interactive decors or simply add photo opportunities to your property, you’ll find everything you need at the heart of Studio Artefact’s expertise. Browse our catalogs for a wide variety of ready-to-install and customizable backdrops, or take advantage of our turnkey service for a completely unique project that perfectly meets your vision!

The Studio Artefact advantage

  • Our products meet a wide range of certifications (CSA, UL, ASTM E84 fireproofing).
  • All our outdoor lighting products are guaranteed to withstand harsh winters and scorching heat. 
  • Our designs are approved by specialized engineers (structural, electrical, etc.).
  • Our decors have a lifespan unmatched on the market. 
  • One of the biggest large-scale artistic 3D printing workshops in North America

Our added value

  1. 01 We offer fast, efficient customer service for the entire lifecycle of the decor, ensuring a worry-free experience.
  2. 02 We advocate a personalized approach based on teamwork and careful listening, because after all, our customers' success is the key to ours.
  3. 03 Our expertise in design and fabrication enables us to take your projects further than you ever imagined.


CF Toronto Eaton Centre

  • Commercial properties

We imagined, created and built the largest Christmas tree in Canada, no less!

Summer garden – Bellagio

  • Commercial properties
  • Museums & Exhibitions

A series of flowers and giant frogs for the summer decor of the Bellagio Conservatory gardens.

First Canadian Place

  • Commercial properties

A luminous, elegant creation that perfectly dresses this key property in Toronto's business district.

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