Our Illumination & Greenery is the finishing department of several of our projects. It consists of meticulously decorating and illuminating pieces such as garlands, trees, wreaths, bouquets and giant structures coming from our welding department. Although certain skills are required, we offer in-house training on fabrication techniques and our manufacturing standards.


Tasks and Responsibilities:

  • Installation of ornaments and decorative lights
  • Decoration of trees, bouquets, garlands & more
  • Create demos using your creative and artistic skills
  • Reproduction of light patterns following an existing demo
  • Maintaining your workstation (organization & storage, brooming …)

Required Skills:

  • Able to use small hand tools such as pliers, knives with retractable blades, drill, plastic wraps, measuring tape, hooks & more
  • Manual Dexterity
  • Imaginative, creative and artistic sense is an asset
  • Proeficient in either French and/or English
  • Able to follow detailed instructions
  • Experience and background in design, interior design, floral design, presentation design and art is an asset


  • Patience and autonomy
  • Good physical endurance (Standing, sitting, squatting, using a step stool…)
  • Ability to work in a team or alone
  • Attendance and punctuality
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